We know you're unique.
With Lima, your devices know it too.

Why do all of your devices act on their own, although they belong to the same person? Lima unifies the memory of your devices so they can act as one. Just for you.

So what's Lima?

Lima is the small box that enables you to think outside the box.

We'll let Tarek explain.

We’ve reinvented the way your devices work

Today, most people have files everywhere. They have one content, but multiple devices. So they spend a lot of time just figuring out where their documents are. And they keep moving their files to-and-from tiny Cloud folders.

So we decided to solve this problem from the root and make your content unique again. more

We redesigned the way your devices store data, from the ground up, and we've built Lima. With Lima, your devices work as a group. They all contain exactly the same files. Just like if they were one single, unique device.

We made storage as simple as it may be

Lima is a small adapter that acts like the brain of your devices. It enables you to merge your old USB drives into an unified memory, common to your smartphone, tablet and computers.

Your devices will be just like frames, through which you can see exactly the same content, at all times. more

It’s fairly easy: just connect Lima to your Home Internet and connect a USB drive to Lima. Install the Lima app on all your devices. Your devices will start storing all of their content in the common memory, at Home. You're good to go!

You are now more powerful

Wow, you just made your devices a lot bigger! Whenever you're connected to the Internet, it’s like all your devices had exactly the same size: the size of your Lima.

Even if you have the tiniest of smartphones, you can put all your content in your pocket. And even if you bought the smallest of iPads, you'll have all your movies on it. more

If something doesn’t fit in one device, it is streamed over the Internet, directly from your Lima. And if you decide to travel one-month in Internet-free Amazonia, you can select which files you'd like to view when you're offline. Just like you do with your music on Spotify.

So, what will you do?

Our job with Lima is to simplify your life, whenever there are files to play with.

You can now send videos to your friends in only a second, watch pictures on your connected TV without sync, go running and listen to your entire music library, find all the different versions of your work backed up … and much more.

Go and enjoy your new freedom!

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